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IEC International Consultants

IEC International Consultants is a non-profit organization that brings together experts, consultants, and youth workers from around the world. Our core mission at IEC is to inspire young individuals worldwide through empowerment, active involvement, and instilling a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Who We Serve

Our primary audience consists of teenagers and young adults within the migrant community in Austria. We strive to bridge the divide between local communities and international and migrant communities, to cultivate an atmosphere of social inclusion and integrity.
We pay particular attention to those who face limited opportunities and obstacles due to social and geographical challenges. Understanding how these barriers can impede personal development and community integration, we focus on creating opportunities that foster participation and engagement.
Through sports, environmental education, and other community initiatives, we aim to empower these young people, equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and self-assurance to overcome their unique challenges. Our goal is to inspire a sense of belonging and encourage social cohesion among diverse community members.

Our Focus Areas

At IEC, we concentrate on various domains such as sports, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. We endeavor to create projects that resonate with our target audience and align with their interests and needs. Here's a glimpse into how:

Sports & Outdoor Activities

We devise programs that promote physical activity and outdoor sports, emphasizing health benefits while providing a platform for participants to interact, learn teamwork, and appreciate the value of discipline.

Social Inclusion Programs

We orchestrate events and activities that unite local and migrant communities, aiming to dismantle barriers, foster understanding, and instill a sense of unity within the diverse community.

Environmental Education

We incorporate elements of environmental consciousness into our content, educating participants about their environment and the significance of its preservation, thereby fostering a sense of planetary responsibility among the youth.

Empowerment Workshops

We conduct workshops for young individuals facing social and geographical challenges, focusing on skill development, building self-confidence, and overcoming hurdles.

Community Engagement

We encourage active participation in community activities through our programs, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting social cohesion. Through these diverse initiatives, our objective is to empower our target group and contribute to a more inclusive and integrated community.

IEC Specializations

IEC specializes in several crucial areas:

Youth Empowerment

Our aim is to foster personal growth, leadership skills, and active citizenship among young individuals. Through various initiatives, we provide youth opportunities to express their views, influence policy decisions, and make a significant impact in their communities.

Digital Innovation

We leverage digital tools and technology to engage young individuals and enrich their learning experiences. We advocate the use of digital tools in nature, encouraging youngsters to explore the outdoors while honing their digital skills. We also employ innovative methods like comic design and digital storytelling to empower youth.

Environmental Sustainability

We are deeply committed to cultivating environmental awareness. We educate young individuals about sustainable living and involve them in projects that contribute to a greener planet.

Inclusivity in Sports

We champion gender equality and inclusivity in sports. We organize projects that encourage women's active participation in sports and promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

Experiential Learning

We believe in the power of hands-on learning experiences. Our experiential learning initiatives are designed to enhance students' critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Community Engagement

We foster a sense of community among young individuals, particularly those from rural areas. Our initiatives aim to reduce isolation, foster mutual understanding, and create robust, vibrant communities.

Environmental Education through Outdoor Sports

We recognize the power of outdoor sports as a tool for promoting physical health and as a medium for environmental education. We design programs that encourage young individuals to participate in outdoor sports activities, leading to active and healthy lifestyles. These programs incorporate elements of environmental awareness and sustainability, empowering youth with knowledge and skills to become advocates for a healthier and greener planet.

As a non-profit organization, IEC is devoted to making a positive impact on individuals and communities. Every project we undertake is driven by our commitment to inspire, engage, and empower young individuals, helping them become the future leaders.

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