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Lets Get Together

10 September 2023

Location: Lower Austria's Woods!  

🌲🥾 Take a look to our “Let's Get Together" hike through Lower Austria's woods, started from Purkersdorf, up to Troppberg, and culminated in a concert at Mirli before heading back to Tullnerbach on 10th of September. Distance: 14.1 km Elevation gain: 430 m Difficulty: Medium Paths: Hiking trails through Vienna/Lower Austria's woods The Let's get together hikes combine the use of digital tools with outdoor activities and connect people of different age groups. The route was planned by using the app “Alpenvereinaktiv" (free version) which allows the and the participants to have a clear picture about the elevation gain, the distance and the difficulty. The hiking guide also used the app on the hiking day as an additional tool for orientation in the woods. This hike was part of the DISPO project, generously co-funded by the European Commission. The project's objective is to enhance enthusiasm and active involvement in outdoor sports among young individuals aged 13-19. By utilizing digital tools, we aim to pique the interest of the youth in outdoor activities and help them rediscover their bond with nature. #DISPOProject #Hiking #Nature #Outdoors #Community #EcoFriendly @dispoerasmus

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