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Learning by Doing

Experiential Learning in Formal School Education

In key with this the Learning by Doing project will take things out of the classroom and place them in a real-life context so that students can acquire knowledge that they are being taught in the school in a way that is more interesting through hands-on learning.


What a Wonderful World!

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Through this project, we aim to empower the younger generation. Our focus is on enhancing eco-literacy—a comprehensive understanding of environmental principles and the importance of living in harmony with nature. We believe that by cultivating this knowledge, we can inspire and implement tangible actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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Climb It UP!

Climbing for Social Inclusion & Diversity

The project aims to promote inclusion and diversity in and through climbing, encouraging participation in sport activities. It also seeks to foster participants’ social and intercultural competences, essential for active participation in democratic life, social and civic engagement.

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Cold Water Swimming for Dimentia & Depression Prevention

Cold water swimming, breath control, and mindfulness are known to provide a holistic approach to the prevention of dementia and depression.The project aims to explore the existing methods of cold water exposure, synthesizing the main, most significant, and most promising methods. 


Sports in Greenways


Sports in Greenways focuses on promoting sports and healthy leisure activities in outdoor environments, specifically greenways and potential greenways.


Disability Oriented first aid and secondary CARE

DO CARE project logo

The project address the lack of specific protocols concerning first aid and secondary care for people with disabilities, and providing the first step to a concrete solution. 


Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth


The project is in line with the European Union's efforts to achieve a climate-neutral continent by 2050.This initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to addressing the environmental, social, and economic aspects of the ecological transformation outlined in the European Green Deal.

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Digital Outdoor Sports

Empowering youth through nature-based non-formal education (NFE) activities and digital tools to promote active engagement in outdoor sports, mitigating the negative effects of digitalization and fostering a reconnection with nature.



Sustainable Sport in Parks

SOSPARKS aims to enhance the sustainability of sports events in Protected Areas by addressing environmental impacts and promoting awareness.


Let's Go Green Together!


Young people identify local problems, participate in a virtual hackathon, implement prototypes, and engage with decision-makers to achieve a sustainable Europe

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Empowered Above Sexual Violence in Sports

RISE initiative focuses on combating sexual violence within the realm of sports, taking a multi-pronged approach.

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