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Discover the visionary project aligned with the European Union's commitment to achieving a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Our project delves into the social, youth, and economic aspects of the ecological transformation set forth by the European Green Deal.

In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we've identified two focal areas within the overarching priority of "environment and the fight against climate change."

General Objectives

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The project enhances Three Seas Initiative collaboration on climate change, environmental protection, sustainable growth, and the European Green Deal.

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It aims to build stronger relationships among youth, organizations, and Three Seas countries.

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The project expands existing partnerships to include social, cultural, educational sectors, community activities, and youth initiatives.

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Its main goal is to increase youth participation in environmental conservation and climate action.


Student Training and Workshops

19 March 2024, Volksschule Brüßlgasse, Vienna

It wasn’t just a learning event 📚, it was a journey into understanding sustainable behavior through our Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth Project 🌿🌊. With engaging games 🎲 and practical activities, we brought the idea of eco-friendly lifestyle 🍃 to our dynamic young participants. We aim to contribute to a sustainable future together. 🌎 @greenfuture4youth Let’s keep the eco-friendly spirit going! 💚 #GreenThreeSeas #SustainableYouth #EcoEducation

23 March 2024, Erudyt School, Vienna

Empowering youth for a greener future! Our workshop at Erudyt School introduced the ‘Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth,’ emphasizing the importance of youth voices in ecological change. We shed light on green skills, Erasmus+ opportunities, and crafting effective green CVs, paving the way for a sustainable workforce. From exploring green jobs to artistic expression, every step counts towards a greener planet! 🌱💼 Workshop highlights: ● Introduced ‘Green Three Seas Initiative for Youth’: Highlighted youth’s role in ecological change and amplifying their voices. ● Illuminated the green labor market: Emphasized the growing need for green skills crucial for the future workforce. ● Revealed Erasmus+ opportunities: Showcased access to education, training, and experiences promoting green skills development. ● Guided participants through the green job market: Equipped them with tools to create effective green CVs and leverage training opportunities supported by Erasmus+. Creative Imagination for a Greener Tomorrow: ● A prestigious art workshop led by an acclaimed artist associated with the IEC. ● Through their artistic creations, participants delved into the complexities of climate change, crafting visions of a resilient and sustainable world. ● Offered a dynamic space for young minds to translate the insights gained from the workshop into compelling, imaginative stories. ● Art pieces emerged as powerful expressions of the participants’ aspirations, concerns, and dreams for Earth’s wellbeing. ● Effectively underscored the key learnings of the workshop, embedding them deeper into the consciousness of the attendees. ● Motivated students to reflect deeply on how they can actively contribute to environmental preservation and sustainability. ● The artwork stands as a poignant testament to the role individuals play in shaping a more sustainable, hopeful future for our planet. #GreenYouth #ErasmusPlus #SustainableFuture #SustainableLiving #GreenStrategies #ClimateAction #greenthreeseas


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About the Project

Green Labor and Green Competence Workshops

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Promotion Strategy Ideas


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Strategy: Green Three Seas for The Youth

A transformative journey towards a sustainable future with our ‘Green Three Seas for the Youth’ strategy document, paving the way for youth empowerment, environmental education, and impactful green initiatives! 

Download the Strategy in Your Language!


Workshop Modules

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Module: Goal Mapping for and Eco-Friendly Life

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Module: Corporate Social Responsibility

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Module: Green Labor Market
Green Photographer andVideo Maker

Module: Green Competences for Indigenous peoples debate

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Module: Ecological Education

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Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them. The project “Green Three Seas for Youth (2021-1-PL01-KA220-YOU-000029219)“

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