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DISPO Handbook

Handbook: Outdoor Sports and Digital Tools

Discover the evolving landscape of outdoor sports in our handbook, exploring trends and practices across hiking, cycling, climbing, and water sports. Unlock the potential of digital tools to enhance safety, navigation, and community engagement, as we share insights and best practices gathered from outdoor enthusiasts across Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain.

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Guide for youth workers

Unlock a world of creative outdoor activities with our guide, tailored for youth workers in collaboration with partners from  Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, and Romania. Integrating digital resources into dynamic exercises, this guide is a valuable tool for youth workers aiming to inspire and educate teenagers for personal and academic development.

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Mobile Apps PromotIng Outdoor Activities

Our guidebook is dedicated to enhancing outdoor experiences through mobile apps. It meticulously explores each app's features, categorizing them by type and providing insightful testimonials, slogans, and detailed research to support users in making informed choices for their outdoor adventures. Illustrated with vibrant screenshots, it offers a captivating journey into the world of outdoor-focused mobile applications.

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Guide: First Aid and Secondary Care

This guide is dedicated to creating a comprehensive training guide for staff and coaches, enabling them to effectively administer first aid and secondary care to athletes with disabilities

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Training Brochure: Understanding Disability in First Aid Provision

Discover essential guidance for providing first aid to individuals with disabilities on our website. Learn about accessible communication, personalized care, confidentiality, ongoing learning, collaboration, adaptations, and emotional support during emergencies

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Training Brochure: Principles of Providing First Aid Brochure

Explore first aid principles, the crucial role of contacting emergency services, and the need for ongoing learning and practice to enhance your emergency response skills.

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Green Jobs Strategy

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Strategy: Green Three Seas for The Youth

A transformative journey towards a sustainable future with our ‘Green Three Seas for the Youth’ strategy document, paving the way for youth empowerment, environmental education, and impactful green initiatives! 

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Workshop Modules

Module: Goal Mapping for and Eco-Friendly Life

Module: Corporate Social Responsibility

Module: Green Labor Market
Green Photographer and Video Maker

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Module 9 Visual 2.png
Module visual 2.png

Module: Green Competences for Indigenous peoples debate

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Module: Ecological Education

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