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Innovative Education Center Participated in Here We Rise Project, Malta Conference

24 apr. 2024

Exploring the Effects of the Pandemic on Vulnerable Communities: Insights and Recommendations

Innovative Education Center represented by Ms Pelin Ozturk recently participated in a two-day conference organized by Cross Culture International Foundation (CCIF Malta). The event, funded by the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values programme, centered around the impactful project titled "From Here We Rise." This initiative aimed to explore the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on vulnerable communities.


The project yielded three significant outcomes: a comprehensive Research Report, an informative booklet combating disinformation, and a set of Policy Recommendations.


For further insights into this pivotal project, you can access the resources via the following links:


1.    Research Report

2.   Booklet Countering Disinformation

3.   Policy Recommendations


To learn more about this project please visit CCIF Malta’s website:


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